Progress in Python Learning

Business Insight



I’ve been learning Python for a month or more using Youtube video :Harvard CS50’s Introduction to Programming with Python.

I’ve watched about half of this video, and this has been getting more difficult.

One particular notion that intrigued me was the concept of functions. Through the video, I discovered the power of functions in Python and how they can streamline code and make it more efficient.

Today,  I encountered the concept of a lambda function, which is a concise method for defining unnamed function in the Python programming language.

On the other hand, a def function is a named function defined using the def keywords.
It provides for the creation of reusable blocks of code with a defined name, which can be called using that name.

Speaking of coding, I’ve sometimes forgotten to add underscores (_) or dots (.), resulting in the program malfunctioning.

I’m not sure about the practical application of Python in my work yet, but I’d like to continue learning.