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また、Essayのテーマは、出願する学校によって多少異なるのですが、各校に共通するのは、”Why MBA?”と“Why Our Business School?”です。





To apply for MBAs, in addition to meeting the required English proficiency scores like TOEFL, you also need to submit recommendation letters (usually two), essays specified by each business school (typically three to four themes per school), and your university transcripts.

In most cases, two recommendation letters are required: one from a professor at your university and one from a superior at your workplace.

However, my situation was a bit different. My former professor had passed away, and since I was preparing for MBAs confidentially without informing my company, I didn’t have these typical options.

Therefore, I asked two people: an executive from a client company and a president with whom I have a good relationship.

While the essay themes differ slightly depending on the business school, common topics include “Why MBA?” and “Why Our Business School?”.

Among these documents, the one thing that cannot be changed is your university GPA. In my case, I didn’t put much effort into my studies during university, so my grades were poor.

However, by highlighting what I focused on during my student days (known as “Gakuchika” in Japanese), and by emphasizing my professional achievements given the years I’ve been in the workforce since graduation, I tried to compensate for my poor grades.

Unlike traditional master’s or doctoral programs, MBAs are not academic degrees, so university grades tend to be less emphasized.

I applied to several business schools and was accepted into my desired program.