Learning English in Specific Fields






When we think about learning English, many of us immediately envision the vast, complex language used in movies, novels or TV.

Movies and novels are filled with slang, idioms, and cultural nuances that may not be immediately understandable for non-native speakers. For instance, a character in a movie or a novel might use a phrase like “once in a blue moon” instead of simply saying “rarely.”

Such expressions can confuse English learners who are unfamiliar with them.

Moreover, idiomatic English can be challenging to grasp due to its idioms, cultural references, and varied vocabulary.

However, there is an often overlooked yet more accessible approach to learning English: focusing on a specific field.

Learning English within a specific field, such as science, business, or any other professional domain, can be surprisingly manageable.

This is because specialized fields often use a more limited set of vocabulary. For example, a learner focusing on English for financial accounting will repeatedly encounter terms like “account receivables,” “depreciation,” and “stockholders’ equity,” which can be mastered more quickly.

Another advantage is the immediate applicability of the language learned. When you focus on a specific field, the language you acquire is directly relevant to your interests and career.

This practical application makes the learning process more promising and boosts your motivation. Knowing that the English you are learning will help you advance in your career or academic pursuits provides a strong incentive to keep going.

While everyday English can be overwhelming, learning English within a specific field offers a more well-structured and manageable approach. The limited vocabulary, practical applications, and enhanced motivation make this method an excellent choice for improving your English skills.

So, if you’re feeling daunted by the prospect of mastering English, consider narrowing your focus to a specific field. You might find it not only easier but also more rewarding.