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Working From Home(5)

今日は、NHK実践ビジネス英語のLesson16  Working from Home(在宅勤務)の5回目です。





不規則になりがちな「在宅勤務」(working from Home)ですが、普段通りの「朝の日課」(morning routine)を定着させることで、スムーズに仕事に取り掛かれるようになります。

また、「自宅にこもっている」(be cooped up at home)と簡単に「体重が増えてしまう」(put on a few extra pounds)ので、「運動プログラムを実行する」(follow an exercise program)も重要です。

さらに、自分の「精神面・感情面の健康」(mental and emotional health)に「気を付ける」(keep an eye on)ように心がけたり、「情報交換」(compare notes )を行ったりしました。




● let thing slide  物事を成り行きに任せない

✅  You shouldn't  let things slide when you're working in self-isolation.

☒  Our sales figures have been record low for several years. How have we let things slide so badly?


● stick to a healthy diet  健康的な食事にこだわる


✅  I was also careful to stick to a healthy diet.


☒  No matter what other people say, you should stick to your belief.


● sgive someone food for thought   (人に)思考の糧を与える

✅  Speaking of diet, this discussion certainly has given us a lot of food for thought.





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